Increase restaurant visited by loyalty programs

The Benefits of Restaurant Loyalty Programs

By Ben Beddow | July 24, 2021

Since the squeeze brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic restaurant owners and managers have actively been searching for ways to increase their location’s overall profitability. There are a number of in-house undertaking, like on-location changes and…

Digital Ordering is Here to Stay Post-Pandemic

By Ben Beddow | July 16, 2021

The global pandemic drastically changed how consumers interact with restaurants around the world. Face-to-face interactions suddenly made customers feel uneasy and, for the safety of their employees and the peace of mind of their guests, restaurants quickly…

Post pandemic payment convenience

Post COVID-19: The Payment Convenience Customers Still Want

By Ben Beddow | July 16, 2021

The USA has been relatively slow to adopt the newer, more secure and more convenient methods of payment that have evolved over the past two decades. The emergence of a global pandemic, however, rapidly increased the rate of adoption of these technologies by…

COVID-19 Restaurant Trends Here to Stay Post-Pandemic

By Ben Beddow | July 16, 2021

The global pandemic helped to accelerate the adoption of many technologies that were under utilized by the restaurant industry, such payments methods. Alongside this accelerated adoption the COVID-19 pandemic shepherded in a stream of new trends, brought on by…

4 On-Location Dining Changes Customers Want to See Made Permanent Post-COVID

By Ben Beddow | July 16, 2021

Whilst many are looking in the rearview mirror at pandemic with relief there’re some who are, instead, looking keenly to the future, trying to discern what a post-pandemic world of restaurant service looks like…

In a Post-COVID World is 3rd Party or Proprietary Delivery the Way Forward for Restaurants?

By Ben Beddow | July 16, 2021

Excitingly, the demand for the off-premises, in-home consumption of restaurant food has continued to stay strong as states across the nation begin to relax their dining restrictions. For some segments of the industry delivery was a large portion of their business…