Delivery & Logistics

Accurate order times.
Efficient delivery routes.
Door-to-door service.
Take control of your delivery experience with ActiveMenus.


Because delivery should
be simple and profitable.

Earn higher margins on every single order and choose how much of the delivery experience you want to manage in-house.

Driver Logistics App

Use our logistics app to power your delivery service and provide a smooth, enjoyable experience for everyone. Once your kitchen confirms a new order, it gets sent to a driver through our integrated delivery app. The app includes real-time tracking and order monitoring, sending updates to your kitchen and pushing accurate delivery times to your customers.

The app allows drivers to accept and manage incoming orders, send status updates and communicate directly with customers and/or dispatch via chat or text. Drivers can view and manage all their financial transactions and payouts from within the app as well.


Automated Dispatch

Automated dispatch & smart delivery provide accurate delivery times to your customers and fast, efficient routes for drivers. By combining the cook times of your menu items with predictive traffic patterns, order-to-driver ratios, google maps and other data points, ActiveMenus makes the entire process quick, efficient and painless.

This makes everyone happy– customers get their food faster, and drivers are able to make more money. Choose between handling dispatch & support in-house, or having the US-based team at ActiveMenus handle everything for you instead.


Automated Driver Payments

No need to manually run reports and pay drivers anymore, our Automated Driver Payment system takes care of everything.


Easy Management

Our order management app provides a central location for handling all of your orders. Built to scale, it also works perfectly for businesses with multiple locations and/or multiple concepts.


Flexible Delivery Hours

Offer delivery service at the times and days that make the most sense for your business. Change them as often as needed.


Use the ActiveMenus
Delivery Network

If you don’t have, or don’t want your own in-house fleet of delivery drivers, leverage the power of the ActiveMenus Delivery Network instead.

Our country-wide network of drivers provide impeccable service, while still being more cost-effective than third party services like GrubHub, UberEats, etc. But we also play nice with those guys too if you’d prefer to keep them integrated with your ordering & delivery operations.

Delivery On Your Terms

From self-managed, to fully managed by ActiveMenus,
we’ll help you execute delivery orders exactly the way you want.


Self Managed


  • You Recruit Drivers

  • You manage dispatch & routing

  • You manage customer Support

  • We manage driver payments


Partially Managed


  • You Recruit Drivers

  • We manage dispatch & routing

  • We manage customer Support

  • We manage driver payments

  • Access to Doordash & Uber driver network for backup


Fully Managed


  • We Recruit Drivers

  • We manage dispatch & routing

  • We manage customer Support

  • We manage driver payments

  • 100% Turnkey solution

Take control of your delivery.

Delivery that’s profitable for you and delightful for your customers.
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