Single Location Restaurants

Grow Your Business, Not Your Task List.

Single location restaurant

Save time and streamline operations. Restaurant solutions from ActiveMenus help you build awareness, increase profit margins and generate consistently higher revenue, without adding to your daily workload.

Single location restaurant
single location restaurants solutions

People look online first.
Make sure they can find you.

Nearly 75% of all customers look online before ordering or dining at a restaurant. That is a huge revenue opportunity. And this opportunity grows tenfold when customers can order directly from you. Tap into this potential with online ordering from ActiveMenus.

We’ll put you on the proverbial map, extending your brand experience beyond the walls of your store and give your customers a modern, convenient way to order from you.

Did You Know?

70% of consumers would rather order direct
from a restaurant vs. a third party, preferring
that their money goes to the actual restaurant.

Delight your guests, increase your bottom line.

single location restaurants solutions

Make takeout and delivery
profitable for you.

The high fees charged by third party ordering apps can quickly eat up your profit margins. This is an absolute killer for single restaurants trying to grow their business. With ActiveMenus, online ordering is always commission free.

We activated online ordering with ActiveMenus and it’s been very good. The customers prepay everything online and pick it up at the window. Everything is streamlined and very easy.

Pete M. — Manager, Steak & Hoagie

Digital ordering solutions for single location restaurants and kitchens.

Website Ordering

Add online ordering capabilities to your existing website, OR- let us create a new, beautifully branded website for you!

Google Food Ordering

70% of all online searches are done through Google. Take orders directly from Google Search, Assistant or Maps.

QR Scan To Order

Delight customers inside your store by making their ordering experience totally contactless, with QR Scan To Order.

Almost half of consumers say offering mobile ordering or loyalty programs would encourage them to order online more frequently.

restaurant customer data

Use your own customer’s data to build brand loyalty.

Our automated marketing system can send promos and communications to your customers that are triggered by their individual, unique ordering and dining habits.

We can also help you create loyalty and rewards programs that your customers will love. Maximize the effectiveness of these programs with a custom branded mobile app that can send push notifications to your customers at the perfect moment in time.

Cost-effective ways to
generate brand awareness.

As a single restaurant or kitchen, you probably don’t have a dedicated in-house marketing team on your payroll. That’s why we developed powerful growth marketing and loyalty-building tools that work seamlessly with digital ordering.

Our templated marketing system lets you quickly create beautiful emails, social media content, direct mailers, marketing campaigns and more.


Automated marketing and customer loyalty for single location restaurants.

Automated Marketing

Precision timing makes your marketing more effective with far less effort, letting you focus on more important things.

Loyalty & Rewards Programs

Build brand loyalty while increasing both the frequency and the value of the orders placed by your customers.

Branded Mobile Apps

Delight customers inside your store by making their ordering experience totally contactless, with QR Scan To Order.

Active menu delivery software
Automated delivery times

Implement your own delivery service.

Power your own in-house delivery fleet by using our driver logistics app. Automated dispatch and smart delivery ensure accurate delivery times and efficient driving routes, for the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

Or tap into the ActiveMenus Delivery Fleet instead, and use our network of highly experienced drivers. You decide how much of the delivery experience you want to control, all while saving money on the expensive fees charged by third party delivery services.

Delight your customers and increase your bottom line.

Talk to one of our restaurant experts now and see how automated solutions from ActiveMenus can save you time and energy, while increasing your profits.