Unlimited Orders.
Zero Commissions.

Receive orders through your website, mobile apps or
Google, without paying any commission fees.

Web Ordering


Just pay 2.89% + $0.29
credit card processing fees

Setup Includes


Menu Entry & Onboarding


Design & Photo Uploads


Fee & Pricing Setup

$299 per location

Digital Ordering Add-Ons

Digital Ordering Add-Ons
Branded Mobile AppsApple (iOS) & Android apps for your brand. Setup & initial design - $999$99/mo
Web Design & HostingLet us design and host a beautiful website for your restaurant business.$149/mo
Order Taking & Customer SupportOur US Based support agents take call-in orders for your restaurant, and handle customer service related phone calls.$1.50/order
Delivery & Logistics Plug-inRun your own fleet of drivers with automated dispatch, driver delivery apps, zoning management, automatic payments and much more.$1.00/order
POS IntegrationReceive your online takeout and delivery orders directly into your POS system. No tablets or phone calls needed.Upon Request

Automated Marketing Campaigns

# of ContactsPrice# of Messages SentFeatures Included
Up to 1,000$70/monthUnlimitedAll Features
Up to 2,500$125/monthUnlimitedAll Features
Up to 5,000$169/monthUnlimitedAll Features
Up to 10,000$249/monthUnlimitedAll Features
Up to 2,500$399/monthUnlimitedAll Features
Up to 50,000$520/monthUnlimitedAll Features
Up to 75,000$600/monthUnlimitedAll Features
Up to 100,000$700/monthUnlimitedAll Features

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