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Why Choose

Because it's so much more than just digital ordering.


A convenient, fully branded experience your customers will love.


Easily cross-promote and market between all your concepts.


Built-in rewards capabilities that increase loyalty & raise order values.

Optimize your reviews on Google automatically.

Our Google Review Optimizer automates the entire process by offering delivery customers a reward for leaving you a positive review on Google after they receive their order.


Payment and login options that your customers love.

Apple Pay, Google Pay, Login with Facebook, Login with Apple ID and Login with Google are all integrated. More convenience for your customers means more satisfaction and more frequent use of your app.

Takeout and delivery capabilities are built in.

Automated dispatch & smart delivery provide accurate order times by combining the cook times of your menu items with predictive traffic patterns, order-to-driver ratios, location activity and other data points. This means your customers get their food faster, and more importantly– at the correct time, making everyone happy.

Active menu delivery software
Automated delivery times
Online ordering for restaurants

Multiple brands in the hands of your customers.

Combining all your concepts in one single app greatly increases its utility and value for both you and your customers. This means your patrons are more likely to download, keep and use your app.

Cross promote concepts. Create multi-brand loyalty.

In addition to being a one-stop shop for ordering from any your concepts, you can use the app to cross promote between different brands, offer upsells, deliver multi-brand marketing promotions and more.

automated restaurant marketing

Fuel sales across all your brands and concepts.

ActiveMenus is the most comprehensive ordering and marketing system ever built for restaurant groups. Get started today.