Online food ordering system for restaurants

6 Ways to Grow Your Restaurant’s Online Food Delivery Orders

By Ben Beddow | February 4, 2022

It is well known fact that online food delivery has been booming since the spring of 2020. Here are a few nuggets of knowledge that provide an excellent overview of the current and future of the online food ordering and delivery market: Over half of adults now…

marketing strategies for restaurants

4 Factors of Successful Restaurant Promotions

By Ben Beddow | January 26, 2022

A restaurant’s marketing budget is generally expected to equate to 3-6% of its total sales. This varies depending on multiple factors including, but not limited to: location, competition, business volume, and cash flow. This marketing budget expectation is…

menu knowledge

Training Staff On Menu Knowledge

By Ben Beddow | January 8, 2022

All too often, in restaurants across the country, a server or bartender heads to the kitchen to ask the chef a brazenly simple question that, all in all, they should know the answer to. These members of staff represent the location to its guests’ and it is…

Digital Marketing Tips

Prepare Your Restaurant for 2022 with These Restaurant Digital Marketing Tips

By Ben Beddow | December 27, 2021

Restaurant marketing trends ebb and flow but the importance of digital marketing for restaurants in the 21st century cannot be understated. In today’s world an online presence is essential for a restaurant to sustain its business and to continue to attract…

restaurant mobile app

6 Benefits of Having a Dedicated Mobile App for a Restaurant

By Ben Beddow | December 11, 2021

The world is witnessing ever-increasing digitization and, whilst most restaurant owners might not be thinking of building a restaurant in the metaverse just yet, improving online presence and increasing income from virtual channels is high on everyone’s agenda…

roi in restaurant business

6 Ways Digital Ordering Systems can Improve a Restaurant’s Profitability (and How to Choose One)

By Ben Beddow | November 28, 2021

In the restaurant business ROI is one of the defining factors as to whether an investment is to be made or not. Digital ordering systems have long been an optional extra that supplement a restaurants dine-in and phone order business. However, in an ever more…