How to Tell Customers About Online Ordering

how to take online orders

Your digital ordering platform is all set up, integrated with your POS system, and ready to take orders and direct them straight into your kitchen! You might know that it exists, after all you’ve had the idea and have been researching options for how to take…

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How to Set Up Online Ordering for a Restaurant

Online ordering for restaurants

As the boundaries between the physical and the digital blur, brick-and-mortar businesses are finding that setting up an online presence for their venue is crucial to their future success. For restaurants in particular this trend was accelerated by the…

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Defining and Reducing Shrinkage

shrinkage meaning

Food and beverage costs are one of the most variable, and one of the most manageable, costs in a restaurant. Shrinkage is a factor in the production and distribution of all goods that is practically impossible to fully eliminate, especially when dealing with…

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9 Labor Cost Reducing Tactics

how to reduce labor costs in a restaurant

Labor costs are one part of a restaurant’s prime costs, and prime costs are responsible for over half of a restaurant’s overall costs. Restaurant labor costs are one the most controllable costs for a location, and the results of properly managing a restaurant’s…

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4 Factors of Successful Restaurant Promotions

marketing strategies for restaurants

A restaurant’s marketing budget is generally expected to equate to 3-6% of its total sales. This varies depending on multiple factors including, but not limited to: location, competition, business volume, and cash flow. This marketing budget expectation is…

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Training Staff On Menu Knowledge

menu knowledge

All too often, in restaurants across the country, a server or bartender heads to the kitchen to ask the chef a brazenly simple question that, all in all, they should know the answer to. These members of staff represent the location to its guests’ and it is…

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