9 Labor Cost Reducing Tactics

how to reduce labor costs in a restaurant

Labor costs are one part of a restaurant’s prime costs, and prime costs are responsible for over half of a restaurant’s overall costs. Restaurant labor costs are one the most controllable costs for a location, and the results of properly managing a restaurant’s…

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Break-Even Point: A Restaurant’s Most Important Calculation

how to find break even point

A restaurant’s revenue stream fluctuates, in somewhat of a predictable fashion, throughout the year, from month to month, and through the week. Continuing to run a successful business whilst contending with this endlessly moving target is one of the magic tricks every successful restaurant owner and…

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Training Your Employees for Everyone’s Success

training a new employee tips

Being understaffed is, unfortunately, not an adage that restaurant managers are unfamiliar with. It seems that -especially in the current moment- we are perpetually on the lookout for new hires. The turnover rate in the hospitality business has always been one of the highest in the nation, hitting almost…

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The Power of Mocktails

what mocktails means?

Over the past few years the sales of low and no alcohol products in off-premise locations have been steadily rising. A September 2021 report showed that off-premise sales of low and no alcohol drinks had a sales lift of 10.4% last year, and the main takeaway…

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How to Improve Employee Retention

There’s the growth of takeout and delivery service, menu innovation like in-app ordering, bussing your own tables, and futuristic technological innovations such as bartending robots and intelligent burger flipping machines; but employees are always going…

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