In The News: Could ‘ghost kitchens’ be the future of the restaurant industry?

Could ‘ghost kitchens’ be the future of the restaurant industry? Ghost kitchens focus on food engineered to travel

TAMPA, Fla. — To-go orders and delivery are now the new normal for restaurants across the country and Tampa Bay. The owner of a newly launched restaurant venture, Quality Delivered, focuses entirely on their delivery game with a new ghost kitchen concept that he believes is the future of restaurant delivery; eliminating the restaurant part entirely.

The concept of ghost kitchens aren’t new, but the business model during the pandemic is quickly catching on, and many others are also predicting that ghost kitchens are the future of the restaurant industry.

“You look at us as a restaurant, full kitchen, just no dining room,” Joe Murgio, the CEO of DeliverLogic, said. “The order comes in everything is connected with the technology using ActiveMenus. So, the order hits us goes right to our point of sale, hits a driver, a driver comes and picks it up delivers it to the consumer.”

The ActiveMenu’s suite of offerings, from branded mobile apps, to POS system integrations with Google Food Ordering, to integrated loyalty and reward systems, can help chefs and entrepreneurs setup their desired ghost kitchens and get their business off on right foot. They also have the potential of  helping existing ghost kitchens increase their current profit margins.

Murgio has three different brands operating in the kitchen, or “ghost restaurant”, of Quality Delivered, QD Chick, Cluck’N QD, and QD burger.

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