Simplified & Automated

Driver App

An easy-to-use, fully-integrated driver app allows drivers to accept and manage their orders.

Drivers can easily update their status and communicate directly with the customer or dispatch via chat or text. Real-time tracking updates can be provided too, in order to provide the most customer satisfaction.

Lastly, the app allows drivers to easily manage their finances and pull reporting for any specified dates.

right tilted double order screen

Automated Dispatch

Our smart delivery system uses many data points from within our system and from outside sources such as Google maps. With accurate cook times, predictive traffic patterns, order to driver ratios, and many other data points it is able to route drivers as efficiently as possible.

This ensures that both drivers and customers are happy. Drivers can more efficiently deliver orders and make more money, while customers benefit by receiving their orders quickly.

With our product, you can choose to manage the dispatch system yourself or allow our seasoned professionals in Tampa, FL to handle this task for you!

Management Tablet

Our restaurant order management app is optimized for both iOS Phones or Tablets as well as Android Phones or Tablets!

The restaurant order management device should be a tool to manage your orders and less of an order-taking machine. We designed our restaurant management system to help your restaurant easily edit orders, 86 items, update prep times, and communicate with ease.

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Automated Driver Payments

Set up your independent delivery fleet, turn on delivery, and go. With our Automated Driver Payment system, your drivers will get paid and receive access to reports with just a few clicks. No need to run reports and manually process driver payments ever again, we automate that for you.